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Ten-Year Financial SummaryYears ended March 31,2004200520062007Net sales¥264,832¥330,345¥381,074¥419,560Operating income85,931120,210140,589162,930Operating income as a percentage of net sales32.4%36.4%36.9%38.8%Income before income taxes and minority interests89,997124,774150,832179,412Net income57,31375,76490,438106,756Current assets539,369556,638637,566675,944Current liabilities61,42481,67182,433100,810Total assets758,651799,575903,410951,664Net assets676,823696,988795,228820,556Per share data (Yen and U.S. Dollars):Net income:Basic 254.62 339.09 420.01 499.83Diluted ? ? ? ?Cash dividends 23.00 45.00 96.00 150.00Netassets3,004.043,167.703,614.173,816.91Note : The U.S. dollar amounts shown above and elsewhere in this annual report are converted from yen, for convenienceat the rate of¥94 = U.S. $1.00.10●ANNUAL REPORT 2013