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11.Segment informationFANUC Group focuses on the development, production, and sales of CNC systems and related applicationproducts based on FANUC’s CNC system technologies as a comprehensive supplier of factory automation (FA)systems. Ultimately, FANUC CNC systems and the related application products are used in automatedproduction systems.FANUC Group uses CNC’s and servo motors in its entire products. For this reason, the decision is made,taking the status of orders, sales and production of all products, in addition to the status of particular products.As mentioned above, FANUC Group runs only one business segment based on the decision that the entiregroup makes for investment. Thus, the segment information is not stated herein.(Additional Information)Since the current fiscal year,“Accounting Standard on Disclosure of Segment Information”(Statement ofFinancial Accounting Standard No. 17, effective March 27, 2009) and“Implementation Guidance forAccounting Standard on Disclosure of Segment Information”(Statement of Implementation Guidance forFinancial Accounting Standard No. 20, effective March 21, 2008) have been applied.Relevant InformationInformation by product and serviceMillions of yenThousands ofU.S. dollarsNet sales:Unaffiliated customers2011201220132013FA¥247,667¥267,585¥200,118$2,128,915ROBOT¥77,989¥114,785¥119,149$1,267,542ROBOMACHINE¥120,545¥156,122¥179,128$1,905,617Total¥446,201¥538,492¥498,395$5,302,074Information by regionMillions of yenThousands ofU.S. dollarsNet sales:Unaffiliated customers2011201220132013Japan¥110,588¥126,780¥107,213$1,140,564America¥59,150¥75,398¥84,334$897,170Europe¥49,845¥65,771¥55,051$585,649Asia¥224,528¥268,124¥249,783$2,657,266Other¥2,090¥2,419¥2,014$21,425Total¥446,201¥538,492¥498,395$5,302,07412.DerivativesThe Group does not enter into any derivative contracts.13.Related-party transactionsNo related-party transactions were recorded for the years ended March 31, 2012 and 2013.ANNUAL REPORT 2013●23