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Financial Highlights (Consolidated)Millions of yenThousands ofU.S. dollarsYears ended March 31 2011 2012 2013 2013For the year :Net sales¥446,201¥538,492¥498,395$5,302,074Net income120,155138,819120,4841,281,745At the year end :Total assets¥1,013,000¥1,130,625¥1,219,113$12,969,287Net assets894,494985,3221,094,12911,639,670YenU.S. dollarsPer share data:Net income¥613.75¥709.20¥615.59$6.55Cash dividends184.13212.77184.681.96Note : The U.S. dollar amounts shown above and elsewhere in this annual report are converted from yen, forconvenience only, at the rate of¥94 = U.S. $1.00.Net Sales(Millions of yen)Net Income(Millions of yen)Total Assets(Millions of yen)538,492498,395120,155138,819120,4841,130,6251,219,113446,2011,013,0002011 20122013 2011 2012 2013 2011 2012 20132●ANNUAL REPORT 2013