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A Message from the PresidentDuring the fiscal year ended March 2013, the demands for production facilities remained generallyweak in the overseas markets, mainly in Europe having debt problems and in China. Particularly inthe second half, the demands for IT related equipment decreased.The level of demands in the Japanese market was also weak. The unfavorable export environmentcaused by the strong Japanese yen, which was at a record high level, also had a serious impact onFANUC this fiscal year. These conditions caused the business environment surrounding the FANUCGroup to be severe.Under these circumstances, our research and development team further enhanced each productline’s technology for precision and intelligence with continued focus on high-reliability performance.In the area of production, we continued to increase production capacity, robotization and efficiency ofour factories. Due to these actions and our all-out efforts to reduce cost and expense we continuedto strengthen our competitiveness.In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2013, the FANUC Group posted \498,395 million (down 7.4%from the previous fiscal year) in sales with ordinary income totaling \191,242 million (down 16.3% )and net income totaling \120,484 million (down 13.2% ) on a consolidated basis.In the coming year, although the strong Japanese yen is showing signs of weakening, we anticipatethat the unpredictable situation will continue due to the downside risk of the European economycaused by the debt problem and the uncertainty of the future of the Chinese economy. Against abackdrop of such circumstances, the FANUC Group is committed to increasing market share andsales by strengthening its competitiveness of each product line with enhanced intelligence andprecision of products as well as increased robotization of production.Thank you for your continued support and assistance to FANUC.Dr. Eng. Yoshiharu Inaba, President & CEOANNUAL REPORT 2013●3