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Summary of FANUC BusinessFA DivisionMain Products Results for Fiscal 2012CNCServo MotorsLASER OscillatorsConsolidated sales was\200,118 million (down 25.2%from the previous fiscal year).FA sales accounted for 40.2%of consolidated sales.Robot DivisionMain Products Results for Fiscal 2012Genkotsu RobotLearning RobotArc Welding RobotConsolidated sales was\119,149 million (up 3.8%from the previous fiscal year).Robot sales accounted for23.9%of consolidated sales.Robomachine DivisionMain Products Results for Fiscal 2012ROBODRILLROBOSHOTROBOCUTROBONANOC o n s o l i d a t e d s a l e s w a s\179,128 million (up 14.7%fromthe previous fiscal year).Robomachine sales accountedfor 35.9%of consolidated sales.4●ANNUAL REPORT 2013