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Business ReportFA DivisionThe machine tool industry, the primary market forFANUC CNC systems, faced low demand both inthe domestic and overseas markets. FANUC’s salessubstantially decreased in Asia including China afterthe summer of 2012 and although a slight sign ofrecovery appeared in the beginning of the secondhalf of the fiscal year, the very severe sales situationremained.In the field of CNCs, the“FANUC Series30+/31+/32+/35+-MODEL B”was enhanced tosupport simultaneous 5-axis machining for faster,higher precision, and smoother machining.“FANUCSeries 0+/0+ Mate-MODEL D”introduced a flexiblesetup of control axes to expand the range of themachine tools to which this CNC model can beapplied.“FANUC Power Motion +-MODEL A”forgeneral industrial machinery is expected to widen itsapplication within the packaging industry withenhanced multi-axis and high speed operation andfast response coordinated control features.Series31i-MODEL BFANUC developed new models and new functions,including the development of the SERVO MOTORβ+F series utilizing ferrite magnets, enhancement ofthe output of the SPINDLE MOTORα+I series, andthe addition of a higher speed model to theSYNCHRONOUS BUILT-IN SERVO MOTOR D+Sseries.αiⅠSPINDLE MOTORFor FANUC LASER products, sales remained weakboth in the domestic and overseas markets. Newdevelopments included enhancement of controlfeatures such as upgrading of the power savingfunctions of the high-performance, high-functionality,high-reliability CO 2 laser oscillator.FANUC LASER C4000i-MODEL CANNUAL REPORT 2013●5