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Robot DivisionThe robot business stayed strong in the Americanand domestic markets, mainly within the automobileindustry. The European and Asian markets wereweak.In the field of development,“Learning Robot,”which realizes faster motion by suppressingvibration, was upgraded to achieve higher optimumspeed, by taking into consideration the availabletorque of the robot motors, life of reducers, and othercritical factors. These upgrades enabled theLearning Robot to increase production capabilitysubstantially where this innovative feature is applied.The“Bin-picking Robot”achieved faster operationswith the newly developed 3D area sensor.Learning Robot“Genkotsu Robot,”which is used in applicationsrequiring ultra high speed transfer and assembly,added faster variants and new models. GenkotsuRobot will be promoted in a wide variety of industriesincluding parts machining, food, and pharmaceuticalindustries requiring sorting and packing.In addition, many new robots and new featureswere developed including the“Multi-Purpose MiniRobot LR Mate 200+D,”a replacement for LR Mate200+C with significantly improved motionperformance.Genkotsu Robot M-2iALR Mate 200iD6●ANNUAL REPORT 2013