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Robomachine DivisionThe demand for ROBODRILL suddenly dropped inthe overseas markets, especially in China. With theintroduction of newly developed higher outputmodels, however, ROBODRILL has been expandingits market including automotive part machining.With this improvement overall demand hasrecovered. In the years to come it is expected themodels with higher output, higher precision, andlower prices will allow ROBODRILL to be sold to awider market.The demand for the ROBOSHOT product line (allelectric plastics injection molding machine) in theAmerican and European markets was stable andrecovered to previous levels. New developmentsallow high quality molding by using high precisionclamp specification and ultra high speed injectionspecifi cation, targeting IT devices such as advancedspecifi cation mobile phones.FANUC expanded the market for ROBOCUT (wirecutelectric discharge machines) with focus on themedical equipment fi eld in the United States and thediamond tool machining fi eld in Europe and Japan.New developments in ROBOCUT product lineincluded further advancements of automatic wirefeeding function and high-precision cutting control.FANUC ROBODRILLD21MiA5Regarding ROBONANO (ultra precision nanomachine), orders for contract machining steadilyincreased. FANUC will use this position to developthe market for ROBONANO products, bothdomestically and overseas.FANUC ROBOSHOTS100iAFANUC ROBONANO0iBFANUC ROBOCUTC600iAANNUAL REPORT 2013●7