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Super nano machine exploring nano field


FANUC ROBONANO α-0iB is a super nano machine that defies the limits of machining by bringing together the nano control technologies of FANUC.It has wide application in areas ranging from the research and development of high-tech appliances and components requiring nano precision to their mass production not only in the optical electronics field but also in the semiconductor, medical, and biotechnology fields.



Bringing together the nano control technologies of FANUC

  • Linear motion units and rotary units are directly driven by linear motors and built-in servo motors.
  • On the linear axes (X, Y, and Z), a resolution of 1 nano meter is achieved, and 0.000001° on the rotation axes (B, C).

All static air bearing

  • Static air bearing structure is adopted in all moving section (Slides, feed screws, nuts, and all motor units). Therefore, the control system is no stick slip and backlash, because of there is no friction in the system.
  • In the ROBONANO α-0iB, the design of the piping has been optimized to ensure that all flow in the piping is laminar. Laminar air bearing generates no vibration attributable to air turbulence.

Various nano machining

You can select an optimum machining method according to your specific purpose.

Milling (with up to 5 axes supported simultaneously)

  • If equipped with the special milling spindle, the ROBONANO α-0iB can perform milling of various types with ultra precision.
  • Both the B-axis and C-axis tables can be equipped with the spindle, a setup is possible at a proper machining attitude according to the machining shape.
  • The simultaneous 5-axis control function supports the fabrication of various shapes ranging from simple micro holes or grooves to free-curved surfaces or various micro arrays.

Milling (with up to 5 axes supported simultaneously)

Scribing (with up to 5 axes supported simultaneously)

  • The non-rotational tool using simultaneous 5-axis control can flexibly support complicated shapes such as micro patterns in which the direction, angle, depth, and pitch continuously change.
  • The angle of the groove is variable, so flexibility can be increased in various products ranging from diffraction lenses and hologram optical elements to medical micro channels and biochips.

Scribing (with up to 5 axes supported simultaneously)


  • If equipped with the special turning spindle, the ROBONANO α-0iB supports the machining of metal dies for aspherical or other lenses.
  • Lenses with a submillimeter to approximately 200mm diameter are supported.
  • If multiaxis control is used, application to complicated Fresnel lenses with variable pitches, angles, and depths is possible.


High speed scribing (Shuttle unit)

  • If equipped with the special shuttle unit, the ROBONANO α-0iB can fabricate microscopic grooves with high efficiency, five grooves per second (maximum), with ultra precision.
  • Machining time is expected to be reduced significantly for LCD light guiding panels and diffraction gratings comprising many simple linear grooves.
  • Good surface accuracy is achieved with surface roughness in the order of 1nm.
  • Improved use of tools and input signals enables application to the high efficiency fabrication of free-curved surfaces and fine dimple arrays.

High speed scribing (Shuttle unit)

On-machine Measurement (NANOCHECKER)

  • The form-accuracy of a workpiece can be measured and compensated with the NANOCHECKER on the machine, and it is not necessary to attach or remove a workpiece for measurement.
  • Whole surface of workpiece is measured by 3-dimensional on-machine measurement.
  • Not only symmetrical form but also complicated form such as asymmetrical free-form is measurable.

On-machine Measurement (NANOCHECKER)

We contract various machining to charge by ROBONANO α-0iB

We receive various machining to charge by FANUC ROBONANO α-0iB. We can help your trial manufacture to make the super precision 3D machining and the mold machining. We will look forward to receiving your contact.


For particulars apply to the ROBONANO Sales Dept. :

  • FANUC CORPORATION (Japan) TEL: 0555-84-5371

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