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"Connect, Visualize, Think, Drive" for Manufacturing
FIELD system

Product detail

FIELD system (FANUC Intelligent Edge Link & Drive system) is an open platform for the manufacturing industry which targets improvements in productivity and efficiency. Third party developers can freely develop and sell applications and converters for devices. As various devices on the shop floor can be connected without barriers related to generation or manufacturer, centralized management of equipment and data, as well as the sharing of data are enhanced.

FIELD system hardware

FIELD system hardware is installed in customers' factories, and is connected to a management system on the Internet.
There are two types of hardware: FIELD BASE Pro for small scale systems using around 30 manufacturing devices, and Cisco UCS for large scale systems for around 150 devices.


Number of devices connected: Around 30 units



Cisco UCS C220

Number of devices connected: Around 150 units

Cisco UCS C220


FIELD system Application

With the use of FIELD system, both software developers and application users are free to develop applications and communication converters that have access to connect with various kinds of factory devices.

FIELD system Application Introduction


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