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A platform facilitating production improvements based on production information
FIELD system Basic Package


A platform that creates value by connecting the world of production sites (real world) and the world of computers (digital world) with data

The FIELD system Basic Package is a packaged product that can easily start improving production sites.

You can start visualization of your production site from the first day of installation with the "simple setting" and "operation monitoring" functions.

In addition, the Basic Package is "expandable" based on the user's usage proficiency and stage of problem-solving at the production site.
The Basic Package continuously supports improvement of activities from operation monitoring to linkage with external systems.

Data platform technology that supports the FIELD system Basic Package

Main functions of the FIELD system Basic Package (Collect → Analyze → Utilize)

“Easy IoT start with the FIELD system Basic Package” Introduction video




Features of the FIELD system Basic Package

The FIELD system Basic Package keeps the concept of FIELD system, while pursuing “easy adoption” and “ease of use” of data for users


Packaged product that integrates hardware and software

  • Software pre-installed
  • On-premise type that doesn't require connection to Internet
  • Same level of high reliability and lifetime maintenance as FANUC CNC

Easy connection to equipment

  • Built-in data collector software
  • Easy connection function for FANUC CNC-equipped machine tools

    Easy connection to equipment


Apps for operation, quality and maintenance

  • Customizable
  • Supporting the production-site-oriented "KAIZEN"
  • Quickly adapt the system according to work environment and changes

    Apps for operation, quality and maintenance


Integrated database specified for manufacturing sites

  • Centralized management of data from various devices
  • Data model that makes it easy to use the collected data

Cooperation with external system

  • Link data collected from devices with in-house host systems, commercial ERP and MES
  • Security protecting the data


Main functions of FIELD system Basic Package (Collect → Analyze → Utilize)


Continuous system updates

  • FIELD system Basic Package and its constituent software components are continuously improved. Data security is available under the new environment.
  • The FIELD system Basic Package can be updated to the latest version via user's PC without connecting directly to the Internet.


Packaged product, and life time maintenance

  • The FIELD system Basic Package consists of a set of software that supports productivity improvement at the production site, and it is provided as a ready-to-use packaged product.
  • While you are using FIELD system Basic Package, we will provide support for the hardware and software.




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