Highlights of FA Corner

Machining Performance, Minimizing Downtime and Ease of Use

FANUC FA products will contribute to improving productivity of the manufacturing site worldwide with three development themes; “Machining Performance”, “Ease of Use”, and “Minimizing Downtime”.

“Machining Performance”

FANUC will contribute for higher performance of machines by aiming to “Better Surface Quality”, “Higher Precision Machining Shape”, and “Reducing Cycle Time”.

“Ease of Use”

FANUC will provide products for various purposes that have the features such as “Easy Start-up and Adjustment of Machines”, “Integral Support of Job”, and “Adaptable to Various Machines”.

“Minimizing Downtime”

FANUC will contribute to establish durable FA system which represented in the word “Reliable”, “Predictable”, and “Easy to Repair”, by the functions that support “High Reliability”, “Preventive Maintenance”, and “Shorter Mean Time To Repair”.

In our booth, you can experience the advanced features of our FA products, which are arranged in the categories of these three themes. Please visit FANUC FA corner to realize that FANUC FA products can strongly support your product manufacturing.

Contents of Exhibition

FA corner

“New FA products” corner

Improvement of basic performance - Series 30i/31i/32i-MODEL B Enhancement New

Basic performance is enhanced by improvement of minute segments processing performance and increase of part program storage size. And, applicable range of machine tool is expanded by expansion of control paths, servo axes and spindle axes.

Installable nearby the distributed sensors - I/O Unit–MODEL B (IP67 type) New

Line up a new I/O unit installable nearby the distributed sensors outside of the enclosure. The standard compliant M12 type connector enables simple connection with various sensors, reduction of wirings and improvement of the maintainability.

Easy operation with wide screen – 21.5 inches wide LCD PANEL iH Pro

21.5 inched large and wide LCD and capacitive touch panel make large screen and easy operable operator's panel.

High speed, precision and power with wide line-up - αi / βi series SERVO Model B Spindle

motor αi-B/βi-B series reduce vibration of the spindle, Built-in spindle motor Bi-B series enhances continuous output, and Synchronous Built-in servo motor DiS-B series enhances feed smoothness and continuous torque. They will achieve higher performance of machines.
New models are added in servo amplifier αi-B series and βiSVSP-B series. They contribute to downsizing of electrical cabinet.

“Machining Performance” corner

High quality machining - Smooth Tolerance+ Control New

This function will achieve high quality machining by generating smooth tool path from mold machining program consisting of continuous small segment.

Optimizing its control in real-time - Smart Machine Control

This functions achieve high speed, high precision and high quality cutting by optimizing its control in real time according to change of machine conditions such as load, temperature or position, etc.

Higher efficient machining for large size machine - High Speed High Power Spindle New

High speed Synchronous Motor and Ultra-high power Spindle Amplifier with the latest SiC power device take advantage of high-speed heavy cutting.

Optimizing servo and spindle tuning - SERVO GUIDE

SERVO GUIDE suppots optimum tuning of servo and spindle with variety of automatic tuning functions. Also, 3-D path precision can be visualized, which leads to short time parameter optimization for such function as 5-axis machining.

“Ease of Use” corner

New user interface for integral support of on-site job - iHMI

iHMI provides necessary functions for each process of ’PLANNING’, ‘MACHINING’ and ‘IMPROVEMENT’ at on-site job and integrally supports to the job. And, iHMI contributes to make machine tool to correspond IoT by connecting to upper computer through network system.

Easily setting and adjustment for CNC - CNC Quick & Simple Startup New

FANUC integrally supports setting for start-up of machine tools, servo tuning depending on machine characteristic, and setting and adjustment for high-speed and high-precision machining. By the flow of three steps, CNC makes possible to easily startup and bring out the good performance from machine tool, and contributes to reduction work time for start-up and adjustment.

Further advancing the World Standard CNC - Series 0i-MODEL F

Common operability and maintainability are realized by seamless functions with 30i-B series CNC. In addition abundant new CNC functions and large sized display for operation make 0i series CNC more ease of use.

Visualizing CNC process - SERVO Viewer New

SERVO Viewer is PC tool for reducing cycle time and for finding optimum cutting condition. It can monitor waveforms of axis motion and CNC process, and optimize cutting program. In addition, it can visualize cutting load to find the optimum cutting condition.

“Minimizing Downtime” corner

PC software to collect and visualize machine data in factory - MT-LINKi

MT-LINKi is a PC software to connect with machines in factory via Ethernet and to collect, manage and visualize various machine data.
MT-LINKi can collect data from not only machine tools with FANUC CNC but also peripheral devices such as PLC that have OPC communication function and it contributes to computerization of factory.

Minimizing downtime by preventive maintenance - Preventive Maintenance Function of Motor and Amplifier

Leakage Detection Function, Brake Check Function and Capacitor Check Function contribute to preventive maintenance of motor and amplifier. These functions make minimizing downtime.

Machine protection with simple configuration - Machine Protection at Power Failure

The damage of workpieces and tools at power failure is prevented in the area where a stable electrical power supply cannot be expected, or in the area where lightning is likely to occur. Suitable method by hardware or software to protect machine at power failure can be selected according to the aim and the cost, in such a case of gravity-axis drop prevention, preventing feed axis to coast or retracting workpieces and tools keeping synchronization.

“Power Motion” corner

Multi-axis and fast response Motion control - Power Motion i-MODEL A

Multi-axis high response function for up to 24 axes and position/speed/torque/pressure control are enabled to apply to use for a wide range of industrial machines.

Smaller capacity of power source - Energy Charge Unit (Mechanical)

Cutting peak power of servo system smartly by supplying regeneration energy of servo motor to buffer energy according to real-time calculated power consumption.

“Motor Line-up” corner

Support tool to select motors and amplifiers - SERVO SIZER New

SERVO SIZER is PC software which supports to select most suitable motors and amplifiers. It supports all types of FANUC’s motors, such as servo motor, spindle motor, linear motor and DD motor, and also amplifiers.

“FIBER LASER” corner

FIBER LASER for Exploring Various Applications – FIBER LASER series

FANUC FIBER LASER realizes high-speed high-precision processing by CNC or ROBOT controller, and also enables easy connection and start-up of machine tools and ROBOT systems.
LASER output command highly synchronized with SERVO motor is an advantage realized by CNC direct control, which enables sophisticated collaboration of LASER processing with various processing such as machining and turning.