Highlights of FIELD system Corner

New FIELD system is IoT (Internet of Things) platform for factory automation. FIELD system means “FANUC Intelligent Edge Link & Drive”.

FIELD system has the platform having several strong points.

“Edge Heavy oriented platform”

FIELD system does not take the policy “Anyways everything should be upload to cloud”. Many parts of data generated at manufacturing floor are processed in Fog layer.

“Deep Learning application platform”

FIELD system supports Artificial Intelligent by Deep Learning for edge data analysis.

“Application open platform”

In the FIELD system, necessary application can be downloaded and combined to use in the factory.

FANUC's FIELD system is a new platform that connects machine tools, Robots, PLCs and sensors with other manufacturing plant enabling companies to utilize the vast amount of data available. And manufacturing is set to become more intelligent than ever before.

Please visit the FIELD booth in FANUC for more information.

FIELD system corner