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The FANUC Robot i series is a series of highly reliable intelligent robots with the sophisticated advanced controller R-30iB with intelligence and networking for versatile applications.

AI Bin Picking (April 2018) New!

New Robot Controller (R-30iB Plus / R-30iB Mate Plus) (April 2017)

Learning Robot Series

Bin Picking Robot

Robot Lineup

Robot Lineup


Collaborative Robot

  • FANUC Robot CR-4iA
  • FANUC Robot CR-7iA
  • FANUC Robot CR-15iA
  • FANUC Robot CR-35iA

Mini Robot, SCARA Robot, Genkotsu-robot

  • FANUC Robot LR Mate 200iD
  • FANUC Robot ARC Mate 50iD
  • FANUC Robot SR-3iA
  • FANUC Robot SR-6iA
  • FANUC Robot M-1iA
  • FANUC Robot M-2iA
  • FANUC Robot M-3iA

Arc Welding Robot, Small/Medium Size Robot

  • FANUC Robot ARC Mate 100iD
  • FANUC Robot M-10iD
  • FANUC Robot ARC Mate 100iC
  • FANUC Robot M-10iA
  • FANUC Robot ARC Mate 120iC
  • FANUC Robot M-20iA
  • FANUC Robot M-20iB
  • FANUC Robot M-710iC
  • FANUC Robot R-1000iA

Large Size Robot

  • FANUC Robot R-2000iC
  • FANUC Robot R-2000iB
  • FANUC Robot M-900iB
  • FANUC Robot M-900iA
  • FANUC Robot M-2000iA

Palletizing Robot, Others

  • FANUC Robot M-410iC
  • FANUC Robot M-410iB
  • FANUC Robot F-200iB
  • Top Mount Robot

Paint Robot

  • FANUC Robot P-250iB


Vision and force sensing provide superior performance with integrated human skills.

Integrated Vision Function iRVision

All controllers come standard with Vision function iRVision, making your system significantly intelligent.


Networking promotes the integrated management at production floors.

Versatile functionality for communication in the robot controller R-30iB enable to network multi robot system with PC, PLC and peripherals for control and production management.

ZDT (Zero Down Time)

ZDT (Zero Down Time) is the preventive and diagnosis function.
By connecting robots with Ethernet, ZDT realizes a centralized management system of Mechanical Condition Check, Process Status Check, Preventive Maintenance, and System Health Check. The preventive and diagnosis function contributes to a higher operating ratio.

Deep Learning

Deep learning makes a robot smarter.
Deep Learning enables the robot to optimize the motion by itself, obtain product inspection knowhow, and detect its own problem.
Deep learning will not only improve the productivities, but also contribute to an improvement of production technology and a saving of maintenance.


Versatile process solutions for applications with flexibility contribute efficient automatization of any requirements in production.

Various application packages and software tools make the most of the flexibility of articulated robots for gantry loaders and scalar robots for which use conditions are restricted. FANUC provides the robot system best suited to customers' needs.


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