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FA Business

  • Products
    • CNCs, servos, lasers
  • Strengths
    • FANUC's basic technology
    • Top-level global market share of CNCs (FANUC estimate)

Business Overview

The FA business is the origin of FANUC and its basic technology. FANUC is the first private-sector company in Japan to have developed numerical control (NC) and servo technologies that control machine tools using numerical information. Until then, highly skilled engineers, who have acquired know-how through many years of training, were indispensable for high-precision processing by machine tools. FANUC made it possible to complement skilled engineers’ skills with NCs and servos. Computer-controlled NCs (CNCs) and servos further made it possible to process complex shapes and produce varied items efficiently. Currently, FANUC offers CNCs and servos covering a broad range from simple machine tools to composite machining equipment with complex configurations to industrial machinery. Further, demand for introduction of robots in machine tools is increasing at machining sites, with an aim to automate processes or labor saving. Believing improved compatibility between machine tools and robots is important, FANUC is developing the functions to enhance it.

Value Created by FA Business

High-machining performance CNCs and high-speed, high-precision servos contribute to improved productivity as they enable more precise, higher-speed machining. We have implemented energy saving features in our servos. Laser products contribute to improving quality of products of users with their high-quality machining capability supported by FANUC's CNCs and servos installed in them. It is essential to improve operating rates for improving productivity of factories. In order to avoid extended suspension of production lines due to machine trouble or emergency maintenance work, we attach importance to functions and designs for preventive maintenance. Factory operation at high operating rates becomes possible through monitoring of insulation resistance of motors, drops in the numbers of rotations of fan motors for CNCs and servo amplifiers, etc. and conducting preventive maintenance in advance of a halt of the machine.

Ensuring Customer Safety

It is important to help operators not used to operating machines use FANUC products safely, as the numbers of people working in the manufacturing industry and highly skilled engineers are expected to decrease. FANUC’s products are compliant with safety standards, including the ISO/IEC standards, and certified by accreditation organizations. In addition, sufficient attentions are paid to safety use as CNCs are equipped with functions to suspend operation upon receiving an alarm in case of operational errors.