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Basic Management Policies


To provide indispensable values throughout the world through incessant technological innovations in the field of factory automation, and to continue to be a company that is trusted by all stakeholders.

Management Policies

FANUC has consistently pursued factory automation since 1955 when it started the development of NCs (numerical controls).
The targets at its beginnings were to become a company, though small in size, having the robustness of a giant with roots firmly spread in the ground, and to concentrate on technology to go forward, by “walking a straight and narrow path.” This is being pursued to this day.
In order to turn this vision into reality, the FANUC Group has established “Genmitsu (Strict Preciseness)” and “Tomei (Transparency)” as its basic principles. In these principles lie the belief that a company will last forever and be sound with strict preciseness, and that the corruption of an organization and downfall of a company will start from a lack of transparency.
FANUC engages in the FA, ROBOT and ROBOMACHINE businesses. The FA Unit encompasses basic technologies consisting of NCs, servos and lasers, which are also applied to the ROBOT and ROBOMACHINE Units. In addition, by actively incorporating IoT/AI technologies in all three areas, the company endeavors to make FANUC products more efficient for customers to use.
Being true to its origins as a supplier of capital goods, maintenance and service support is provided for FANUC products for as long as they are used by customers.
Through such activities, the FANUC Group contributes to the development of manufacturing industries in Japan and overseas, by promoting automation and efficiency in customers’ factories. FANUC expects to steadily grow in the field of factory automation, which is extremely promising in the mid-to-long term.

Management Strategy

FANUC is thorough in implementing its basic principles of “Genmitsu (Strict Preciseness)” and “Tomei (Transparency),” and promotes the following policies united as a group. By doing so, the FANUC Group aims to become an ever-lasting organization by increasing our customers’ feelings of assurance and trust towards us, as well as by adapting to severe changes in the environment.


  • Under the slogan of “one FANUC,” the three Units of FA, ROBOT and ROBOMACHINE collaborate to offer total solutions, and the Group bonds together to take good care of our customers throughout the world. This is a unique advantage of the FANUC Group which we leverage to the fullest.
    Especially, the combined usage of CNC machines and ROBOTs, and the automation of ROBOMACHINEs with ROBOTs, are perceived as key concepts in developing products.

Easy to Repair

  • Considering our foundation as a producer of capital goods that are used in manufacturing sites, FANUC is meticulous in ensuring that our products are “Reliable, Predictable, Easy to Repair” in their development, to minimize downtime and maximize the operating rate in our customers’ factories.

Ease of Use

  • As demands for factory automation increase while acquiring skilled workers becomes more difficult, further emphasis is placed on ease of use in developing products, to deal with this situation.

Strengthening Competitivity

  • In order to develop highly competitive products and introduce them to the market, FANUC vigorously invests in research and development. By narrowing down to our area of expertise, which is factory automation, and aggressively investing in R&D in this area, products which are highly competitive are developed and released. This leads to the fulfillment of intellectual property.

Service First

  • "Service First" is a basic policy followed by the FANUC Group. Through "Service First," high level maintenance service in line with FANUC's global standards are provided anywhere in the world, as well as "Lifetime Maintenance" of FANUC products for as long as they are used by our customers. Particularly, lifetime maintenance, which is difficult for our competitors to imitate, is a primary feature of the FANUC Group, which shall continue to be focused on.

Fortifying the Corporate Structure

  • Basic policies from the past to make the company stronger will be promoted from a long-term perspective. These include making our products more competitive, strengthening sales and service activities, advancing factory automation and robotization, reducing expenses and time, and streamlining operations.

IoT / AI Technology

  • By actively applying IoT and AI technologies to all fields of FA, ROBOT and ROBOMACHINE, customers’ manufacturing processes are made more efficient.

Responsibility to Supply

  • As a supplier of capital goods, FANUC will fulfill its responsibilities to supply under any circumstance. For this end, manufacturing sites and service offices are being increased and established in various locations so that service activities can be maintained. Furthermore, measures are being taken to strengthen our supply chain. Examples are procuring parts from multiple suppliers, and having an adequate amount of parts in stock.

Enrichment of Human Capital

  • From the viewpoint that human resources is most vital for mid-to-long term growth, improvements in the work environment and motivation of employees are considered important topics to be addressed. In addition, looking towards the future, FANUC strongly invests in human capital to employ necessary people and educate employees. Through such efforts, human capital is continuously enriched.

Management Indices

  • In addition to operating margins, ordinary margins and ROE, market shares are regarded as being critical management indices. Assessments and judgments are made comprehensively based on such indices.

Actions to Prevent Infection

  • Highest priority is placed on the prevention of infection and spread of infection to our customers, partners, employees and their families as well as the community. FANUC shall continue to supply products and offer services to our customers placing safety first.