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Materiality Risks Opportunities
Maintain and improve competitiveness
  • The emergence of competitive products utilizing new technologies may cause our products to lose their core competence.
  • Our factory may come to an almost complete stop, if a large-scale disaster happens in the area where the factory is located.
  • We can maintain our superiority by developing competitive products, enhancing our services, and providing our customers with attractive products.
  • Creation of new markets through the use of new technologies also introduces new business opportunities for FANUC to expand its business domain and grow.
  • We have nearly finished establishing multiple production sites for our CNC (computer numerical control) systems and robots, so that we can continue to serve our customers, even in the event of a large-scale disaster.

Response to environmental issues

→ Climate-related risks and opportunities

  • Stricter environmental regulations on resource conservation, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions and managing chemical substance, may lead to increased costs.
  • The transition from internal combustion engines to EVs powered by electric motors, driven by measures taken by the automobile industry to combat climate change, may have a major effect on the market environment for our main products in the FA business.
  • We strive to provide highly dependable, high quality products that are “Reliable, Predictable, Easy to Repair” and to minimize downtime at our customers' factories by putting “Service First”. In particular, the concept of lifetime maintenance, which embodies our commitment to continue providing maintenance as long as our customers continue to use our products, has helped to reduce waste for our customers around the world.
  • Leading the development of energy-saving products and products high in energy efficiency will provide opportunities to expand sales of our products in developed markets such as Europe. The transition to EVs will broaden the range of robot applications, and create opportunities to increase product sales. The number of sensors and cameras mounted to EVs will grow, and is expected to stimulate the increase in sales of ROBOSHOTs (electric injection molding machine). Furthermore, the demand for high-precision parts used in EVs and the demand for molds for EV components are both expected to increase. This will boost the demand for machine tools in this sector, leading to a higher demand for CNCs.
Shrinking labor force population
  • It may become difficult to hire competent people.
  • The rising need for automation in manufacturing sites also represents an opportunity to expand the industrial robot market, and will lead to the development of safe and secure work environments.
Building a governance system
  • There is a possibility that correct management decisions will not be made, or that decision-making will be delayed.
  • Proper decision-making will be made possible by establishing a governance system under which the roles and responsibilities of the executive bodies (the management) are separated from those the monitoring bodies (the Board of Directors).