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FANUC manufactures all of its products in the highly automated factories located at Headquarters as well as in Mibu, Tsukuba and Hayato.

Headquarters Factories

Headquarter Factories

Factories on the Headquarters campus in Oshino-mura, Yamanashi Prefecture. Many factories are dispersed in the 1,780,000 square meter FANUC forest, rich in nature.
Factories include those for assembling CNCs, Servo Amplifiers, Servo Motors, Robots, Roboshots, and Robocuts. There are also Machining, Press, Die Cast and Paint factories. Factory automation and robotization are actively promoted, as can be seen in the achievement of long hours of continuous unmanned machining.

Mibu Factories

Mibu Factories

These are the most advanced factories built on 700,000 square meters of land in Mibu, Tochigi Prefecture.
The factories are highly automated with all devices being connected to a network. Each process is automated with robots, and connected with an automatic transport system. Entire production, from machining parts to final assembly and testing, is conducted here. The production capacities of CNCs, Servo Amplifiers, and Servo Motors of the factories in Mibu as well as FANUC Headquarters have been increased to ensure stable supply. Laser oscillators and robot controllers are also manufactured in Mibu.

Tsukuba Factories

Tsukuba Aarea 1
Tsukuba Area 1

Tsukuba Area 2
Tsukuba Area 2

The Tsukuba Factories lie in the 600,000 square meter area in Chikusei, Ibaraki Prefecture.
In Tsukuba Area 1, Robodrills are assembled.
In Tsukuba Area 2, parts for Robodrills and Robots are machined, painted and assembled. Robot controllers are manufactured in this Area as well.
The high level of robotization in these factories greatly increases efficiency in production.

Hayato Factories

Hayato Factories

The Hayato Factory is located in the 170,000 square meter area in Kirishima, Kagoshima Prefecture.
Sensors for Servo Motors are manufactured in the highly robotized facilities.


Introduction of Factories