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New function of ROBOSHOT: Maintenance inspection support function New!

ROBOSHOT-LINKi2 is production and quality information management tool for molding factory.
The new function is added to support maintenance and inspection activity.


  • The inspection items described in the ROBOSHOT maintenance manual has been registered in advance so that it quickly makes online management available for regular inspections.
  • Register maintenance work on the ROBOSHOT-LINKi2 calendar screen and the inspection timing will be notified by a warning display on the PC screen or even tablet devices.
  • User can also register their own inspection items and manuals to be referred during maintenance work.
  • Inspection point can be taken in images and able to be recorded.


The maintenance and inspection support function makes online management possible from planning to implementation.
It will assist DX in molding factories.


Process Confirmation

Inspection timing Registration

(June 2023)