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ROBOSHOT New Product:
FANUC ROBOSHOT α-S30iB, α-S250iB, α-S300iB, α-S450iB New!

New models added in the latest ROBOSHOT α-SiB series line up all have been adopted 21.5 inch wide display.
There are 4 models α-S30iB - Clamping Force 300kN, α-S250iB CF 2500kN, α-S300iB CF 3000kN and α-S450iB CF 4500kN.


Especially for following 2 models, injection unit valuation has been widen to suit several needs from market.

  • α-S300iB:Large, Standard or Small capacity injection unit /3 types
  • α-S450iB:Large, Standard, Small or Ultra small capacity injection unit /4 types


Wide range of α-SiB series contribute to improve the productivity in molding factory.


product image

(June 2023)