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FA New Product: FANUC Slice I/O

Small I/O with superior expandability, accessibility, and maintainability, which contributes to space conservation of the control cabinet

FANUC Slice I/O is a new I/O unit developed based on the concept of compactness, high expandability, and superior accessibility and maintainability.

The module is designed to be compact, with a 12 mm width and 99 mm height, enabling space conservation of the mounting area, compared to that of a conventional I/O unit. In addition, it has a structure in which necessary modules of necessary quantities are horizontally connected, eliminating wasted space.

Each module offers a broad range of product lineups to realize high expandability, by flexibly accommodating various I/O configurations that differ depending on the optional specifications of the machine. In addition, by setting parameters using FANUC LADDER-III, it has become possible to customize the module specifications, enabling integration and reduction of maintenance parts for multiple specifications.

We have pursued not only compactness but also improvement of accessibility and maintainability. For each module, a three-piece structure, in which the module is divided into three parts of the front connector, housing, and base, is adopted. The push-in type front connector can be wired without tools. In addition, the detachable structure makes it possible to prepare preassembled cables, which contributes to reducing machine assembly man-hours. When a failure occurs due to electrical stress, recovery can be made by replacing only the housing without detaching the wiring, contributing to shortening of machine downtime.



(June 2023)