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FA New Function: CNC Reflection Studio

CNC Reflection Studio is a software tool that enables check of machine motions on PC.

  • This software has the following features.
    • Collision check using machine/fixture/tool geometry
    • Workpiece material removal check
    • Functional machining program editor
  • By cooperating with CNC GUIDE 2, it has the following advantages over general machine simulation software.
    • Accurate G-code program execution including various cycles and macro programs
    • Precise tool path check considering acceleration/deceleration and smoothing functions
    • Reliable CNC parameter check how it effects on machine motions

The above advantages make it easy to improve CNC parameters and machining programs on PC.

The supported machine configuration is machining center system with 1path and up to 5axis.

CNC Reflection Studio

Cooperation of CNC Reflection Studio(left)and CNC GUIDE 2(right)

(July 2023)