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Total Shipment of 1 Million Units of FANUC Robot

September 15, 2023



In August 2023, FANUC reached the milestone of shipping a cumulative 1 million industrial robots.

In 1977, FANUC developed and started the production of the cylindrical coordinate robot "FANUC ROBOT MODEL 1". Since then, it evolved to the "FANUC ROBOT S-MODEL 420", which was used in many automobile body assembly lines, and onto the "FANUC Robot R-2000iA" which was developed in 2000 with significantly improved reliability, motion performance, and cost performance.

During this period, the expansion in automation in a wide range of applications drove the development of various model series, such as the small and mid-size ARC Mate series for arc welding, the small LR Mate series that can be mounted directly on machine tools for machine tending, the M-710i series, M-410i series, and M-900i series for material handling. Furthermore, FANUC expanded the lineup by developing the models to meet our customers’ requests, including the M-2000iA series, the world's largest payload robot, and SCARA and Delta robots for assembly and high-speed picking. In 2017, 40 years since the first FANUC robot was shipped, the cumulative number of industrial robots produced totaled 500 thousand units.

In recent years, to stay ahead of the broadening demand for automation, FANUC has added the CR series and CRX series collaborative robots to its lineup.

At the same time, being true to its commitment of providing lifetime support for as long as customers use FANUC’s products, the number of service bases have been increased globally, and support and service capabilities are continuing to be strengthened.

Based on high reliability, performance, and support, FANUC Robots have been used by many customers. Especially, in the past few years, FANUC has diligently worked to increase our production capacity to meet the unprecedented demand for robots, and to fulfill our responsibilities as a supplier. These efforts also contributed to achieving this cumulative shipment of 1 million units in 46 years since the first robot was produced.

Applications for robots are expanding, and the demand is expected to continue to grow significantly in the future. In order to support our customers' automation needs, FANUC will strive to further improve quality, performance, and supply capabilities.


FANUC Robot R-2000iC/210F, 1 Millionth robot
FANUC Robot R-2000iC/210F, 1 Millionth robot