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FANUC Robot ARC Mate 120iD

FANUC has added and launched ARC Mate 120iD, an arc welding robot with integrated cables, as an extension to the highly regarded ARC Mate 100iD series. The new model has a larger payload and motion range.

  • This is an arc welding robot with a payload of 25 kg and a reach of 1.8 m. It inherits the characteristics of ARC Mate 100iD, having integrated cables, high rigidity, and a stylish design.
  • FANUC's original gear driving mechanism has been refined in this model. It has a slim wrist axis with an enlarged hollow tube, which has been expanded from a diameter of 50 mm to 57 mm, through which torch cables are routed.
    Also the diameter of the hollow tube of the rotation axis has been enlarged from 65 mm to 108 mm. The wire conduit behind the wire feeder is also integrated in the rotation axis, eliminating interference of welding cables with peripheral equipment.
  • The arm rigidity is 20% higher compared to conventional models, which enables positioning with no vibration after highspeed air cutting. With high-speed and high-precision motions, this feature contributes to increasing productivity.
  • The robot surface is smooth to minimize the accumulation of spatter. By reducing the interference zone radius by 20% compared with former models, and with a slimmer arm design for less interference with peripheral equipment, operation is made easier in the arc welding environment.

FANUC provides total support of robots and welding to promote further automation in the arc welding field.

FANUC Robot ARC Mate 120iD


(FANUC News 2019-III)


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