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Paint Robot

FANUC starts to sell Paint Robot P-250iB/15 with slim and anti-explosion structure.

FANUC has steadily accumulated experiences of paint robots on the various areas, such as automobiles, for over thirty years through FANUC America Corporation. FANUC starts to sell Paint Robot P-250iB/15 developed based on plenty of the experiences for a large size paint application, such as large machined castings and automobile bodies and bumpers.

FANUC Robot M-20iB/25

P-250iB/15 has a hollow structure from the robot base to the connection plate on the upper arm. It supplies the air inside the arms and it is designed as a structure of explosion-proof with internal pressure. It prevents ignitable gas of paint solvent from coming inside the arms due to internal pressure, and it realizes a high level of explosion-proof safety.

Paint material is supplied by tubes from the base to the connector plate through the connected hollow parts. Additionally, electromagnetic valves can be equipped on the lower arm so that tubes from electromagnetic valves, which are necessary to clean when a paint color is changed, can be shortened. It realizes to be shorter cleaning time and to reduce paint material and solvent.

It provides easy tube management and less interference with peripheral equipment due to the hollow wrist. Therefore, it enables to creep and paint in narrow space.

It realizes a flexible layout and compact paint booth by wide motion range with 2800mm reach and various installation configurations as floor, wall, ceiling, rack and angle mount, and more selections of right and left side arm configuration.

P-250iB/15 is sure to contribute to further automatization of large parts painting area.


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