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Paint Robot

FANUC Robot P-40iA / P-350iA / P-250iB

FANUC Robot P-250iB

PDFP-40iA Brochure (English)
PDFP-350iA/45 Brochure (English)
PDFP-250iB Brochure (English | Chinese)
FANUC Robot P-40iA, P-350iA, P-250iA P-40iA P-350iA/45 P-250iB/15
Controlled axes 6
Max. payload at wrist 5kg 45kg 15kg
Motion range (X, Y) 1300mm, 2308mm 2606mm, 4575mm 2800mm, 5272mm
Repeatability ±0.2mm ±0.06mm ±0.2mm
Mass 110kg 570kg 530kg
Installation Floor, Ceiling, Wall, Shelf, Angle
Matching controller / Input power capacity R-30iB Mate Plus / 1.5kVA R-30iB (A-cabinet) / 12kVA
Application Painting

FANUC Robot P-1000iA

FANUC Robot P-1000iA

PDFP-1000iA Brochure (English | Chinese)
FANUC Robot P-1000iA
Controlled axes 7
Max. payload at wrist 10kg (1500mm/s), 15kg (1200mm/s)
Motion range (X, Y) 3348mm, 4343mm
Repeatability ±0.5mm
Mass 700kg
Installation Wall
Matching controller / Input power capacity R-30iB (A-cabinet) / 12kVA
Application Painting

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